About Our Lady of Perpetual Help School


OLPH educates the hearts and minds of students in developing a Catholic identity and striving to follow Jesus’s example of prayer, service, and love.

Curriculum Guidelines


School Wide Learning Expectations

Expectations Grades K-3

The students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are expected to:

I. Love God, Love Others and Love Yourself
Learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Honor Mary.
Practice being like Jesus everyday.
Care for God’s world.

II. Live in Peace with Others
Learn from one another.
Make good choices.
Ask for help and give help.
Pray for the needs of others.

III. Talk and Write Clearly
Read many kinds of writing.
Speak with classmates and adults kindly.

Listen to others.
Write neatly on all classwork and homework.

IV. Learn Something New Each Day
Set goals for the days, the week and the month.
Finish all classwork and homework by doing your best.
Learn t use the keyboard and computer.
Ask questions and think about answers.

Expectations Grades 4-8

The students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are expected to:

I. Catholic Christians Who
Actively grow in their relationship with Christ.
Honor Mary.
Practice Christian values daily.
Care for creation.

II. Individual and Globally Aware Christians Who
Learn from and act upon social justice issues.
Make decisions based on facts.
Accept responsibility for their own actions.
Participate in service to the school, Church, family and community.

III. Effective Communicators who
Articulate in writing their own personal beliefs and opinions.
Interact appropriately with people of all ages both in and out of school.
Lead by example in working collaboratively and resolving conflict.
Respect other cultures, ethnicities, physical appearances and points of view.

IV. Life-long Learners Who
Exhibit personal achievements in all academic subjects.
Complete individual assignments and participate in group assignments.
Successfully use technology to complete classwork and homework.
Can state his/her own strengths and areas for improvement and work to strengthen areas of weakness as a student.