School Wide Learning Expectations


Expectations Grades K-3

he students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are expected to:

I. Love God, Love Others, and Love Yourself:
Learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
Honor Mary
Practice being like Jesus everyday
Care for God’s world

II. Live in Peace with Others:
Learn from one another
Make good choices
Ask for help and give help
Pray for the needs of others

III. Talk and Write Clearly:
Read many kinds of writing
Speak with classmates and adults kindly
Listen to others
Write neatly on all class work and homework

IV. Learn Something New Each Day :
Set goals for the day, the week, and the month
Finish all class work and homework by doing your best
Learn to use the Keyboard & use the Computer
Ask Questions and Think about Answers

Expectations Grades 4-8

he students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are expected to be:

I. Catholic Christians who:
Actively grow in their relationship with Christ
Honor Mary
Practice Christian values daily
Care for creation

II. Individual and Globally aware Christians who:
Learn from and act upon Social Justice issues
Make decisions based on facts
Accept responsibility for their own actions
Participate in service to the school, church, family, and community

III. Effective Communicators who:
Articulate in writing their own personal beliefs and opinions
Interact appropriately with people of all ages both in and out of school
Lead by example in working collaboratively and resolving conflict
Respect other cultures, ethnicities, physical appearances, and points of view

IV. Life-long Learners who:
Exhibit personal achievements in all academic subjects.
Complete individual assignments and participate in group assignments.
Successfully use technology to complete class work and home work.
Can state his/her own strengths and areas for improvement and
work to strengthen areas of weakness as a student.

Our Faith



O Virgin Mary, give us your blessing
so we may not fall into temptation.
Since all graces are in your hand, O Mary,
help us attain a happy death.
May the blessings of the Father,
the love of the Son, and the grace of the Holy Spirit
be with us now and forever.

Our School at a Glance

The school was opened in 1962 by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. There were 6 sisters, 6 classrooms, and 8 grades. Two years later 2 more classrooms were built. The kindergarten program began in 1975. A computer lab and library were constructed in 1986, and after school care has been provided since 1988. The school is currently staffed with lay teachers.

Current Enrollment 300

Average Teacher to Student Ratio:
1 Teacher per 27 students

Number of Staff:
13 Teachers, plus Support Staff

Students Served:
Preschool through 8th Grade

School Colors: Blue and White

School Mascot: Cougar

Annual Highlights:
Parish/School Festival
Blessing of Pets
Christmas Play
Blessed Carmen Salles Day
Peach Blossom Festival
Science Fair
Mission Day
Live Stations of the Cross
Crowning of Mary
Field Day
Student Activities:
Flag Football
Academic Decathlon
Boy/Girl Scouts
Chess Club
Golf Team
Awards and Honors
Gold Honor Roll
Silver Honor Roll
Accelerated Reader Recognition

About Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

Mission and Philosophy

In building a culture of life, we live the fundamental truth that all life is sacred, realizing the dignity of each student through the recognition of Christ’s presence in all of us.

In cooperation with parents, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help pastor, faculty, and staff develop students who are life-long active Catholic Christians, serving the Church, community, and society. We provide a strong a strong educational foundation to well prepare our graduates for further formal education. We encourage the exploration of our students’ vocational calling by forming them in Catholic truth, virtue, and fellowship while inspiring them to seek spiritual, intellectual, artistic, social, and physical excellence.

Pope John Paul II expressed that

“…the purpose of Catholic education is to communicate Christ to you, so that your attitude toward others will be that of Christ…part of a Catholic education is to learn to see the needs of others, and to have the courage to practice what we believe. With the support of Catholic education, we try to meet every circumstance of life with the attitude of Christ…”

At Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, we live our beliefs by:
Living our baptismal call to proclaim the Good News as part of the larger Christian community;

  • Following the example of Mary, Our Mother, as our model of discipleship;
  • Recognizing, encouraging, and supporting parents as the primary educators of their children in Gospel-centered families, including the education of the whole person spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically;
  • Fostering individuals in developing their unique gifts as part of God’s plan for strengthening the human family;
  • Integrating our Catholic Christian faith in all that we do, providing a strong foundation for our children’s lifelong spiritual development and active participation in the Catholic Christian community;
  • Encouraging awareness of each individual’s role as a member of the human family, working for social justice through prayer, charitable works, and leadership roles;
  • Acknowledging the sacredness of life through recognition of Christ’s presence in all of us;
  • Valuing education and academic excellence as a means to live our beliefs; and
  • Respecting and appreciating the cultural diversity of our society.